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New Hair Style
New Faces and Hairstyles Pick which styles that could make you stand out more !

Choose your very own characteristics and class
It has been a hassle with the fact that most players are stuck with their favorite classes but not with their own true gender. EP5 provides you with choices where you will be able to select the gender that you want to be when you create a character and be what you want to be finally ! Now you will get to choose which job you want and you will get to pick the gender that you wanted !

New Costumes
More attractive costumes that you can mix and match together to show off to among your friends by using your very own creativity ! Style, dress, change however the way you want your character to look like to make you and your character feel more sexy or casual or stylish and most importantly, feel good about it !

Map Optimization
New Faces and Hairstyles Maps have been modified for better movement and lesser hassle !

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